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Alpine Seas

by Brian S. Cassidy

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Chad Jowers
Chad Jowers thumbnail
Chad Jowers Talented neighbor, fellow dad, awesome artist - I love hearing him collaborate with his 7 year old...just beautiful! Favorite track: The South.
jon & liam
jon & liam thumbnail
jon & liam "A record about the wonder of the world and the fact that we’re alive in it" - www.wakethedeaf.co.uk/2016/02/16/brian-s-cassidy/ Favorite track: Arcadia.
Nick Green
Nick Green thumbnail
Nick Green If there was a way to ignore,all the day and all of the night,to hold on to the ones you love in that moment before the dawn , beyond the weight....... Favorite track: Beyond the Dark.
Michael Cassidy
Michael Cassidy thumbnail
Michael Cassidy All of these songs are moving. Brian's musicianship shows through in both the playing and singing. Favorite track: The South.
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I'm an Ocean 04:13
I'm a dark island I'm the scow at the back of the bay I'm an ocean I want to go where the weeds grow Want to climb up your coast, and it shows I'm an ocean There's no mistaking the lighthouse All that guides when we're coming or leaving You're a beacon Your shore is a bonfire Is that a token that you're leaving or loving? We're gonna make it Gonna take the tide on Wintertime and weakened arms I'm in motion A beam in the low light Like the wind behind the lines I'm in motion
Fold into the dark beyond the last evening spark Beyond the glow there is a place Where the shade bends with the night Where I've been known to go To help my mind hear my heart In that moment just before the dark Before the black So take my hand in that moment Just before the dark There is a time when the winds Have changed their mind And the earth is cold and still And the stars have had their fill When I've been known to go To ease my mind, to carry on In that moment just before the dawn, Before the light So take my hand in that moment Just before the dawn All the time in the world, A view from our youth, What I wouldn't trade For this time with you, this life that we've made If there was a way to ignore All of the day and all of the dark To hold on to the ones you love In that moment just before the dawn Beyond the weight Come take my hand in this moment Just beyond the dark
A Cruise 05:14
Alone you sit, knotted-eyed The wind unfolds your sail: A tease that leaves you nothing But waves But it's fair to see your center cleat's Got nothing so deep A twist, a turn You'll see You caught me aging And underrating You're seaside, waiting for me You'll be free, free I lumbered around Heavy steps, I suppose But you don't get the gold Without the weight You're thin-skin from the north winds Tethered the storm A claw, a cruise, A breeze Set it down We'll be gone in a minute You get hold of all the winds that you can Cause you can A lonely boat tied to the shore Of course you would want more The dream is not forgotten Aweigh! The wind over my left shoulder We're sailing by the lee A prayer, a clue The Sea Set it down The shore will be gone in a minute You get hold of all the winds that you can Cause you can, they won't mind
Arcadia 04:14
Tangled in a tide of your city sounds, How's the ride in your mid-tempo midtown? Is it all and more you had hoped to find? Laughing when you're feeling low is hard to take. Fine, let's take a walk, out-of-town, our Arcadia I've got things to say if I could find the time. Walking in the pine wood, I feel I could say the words that could make you love me. I haven't figured them out, but I'm gonna try I haven't asked you yet, but I'm gonna try, try, try Ooh [Don't fake it, you'll regret it, don't base it on the same science. There's no mistaking, gonna make it right] Life gives you seasons, do you need a reason To leave the city if it's only the weekend? I've got things to say if I could find the time. My knees are on fire, my shoulders spent Yet, you can be as innocent and eloquent as anyone All the things you say with a lonely eye I can't figure you out, but I'm gonna try, try, try Ooh [Don't fake it, you'll regret it, don't base it on the same science. There's no mistaking, gonna make it right] Take a chance only on a feeling. It's not your life, it's just the weekend. You know we'll take our time. We'll rise and fall. We'll light the dark. You said it right, you're city work, your handheld curse, Could wait a while. You said tonight, you'll feel the wild. I feel the wild. I feel the wild. I feel it.
Uncompahgre 04:36
Rising on the shadows of the sunset In the American west On a golden, glowing river Beware the undertow And the things you know Because in our minds, We've done it all before This land is not our own We took it in the night We make our way down In a fog of white I know it's all need To never fall behind I know there's gold beneath That was never ours to mine Even the man known As "The Arrow" Couldn't change the tide flow Like a river, though, he was stronger beneath the stillness of his surface
The South 04:12
Do you remember all the times we spent in our lives looking up at the stars? How can you afford to forget what I cannot? Is it all the same? Does it take all you got? I'm a pretender knee deep in December. It hasn't felt the same. It hasn't felt like the holidays in forever. How is the south? How is the warm sun? Is it all ablaze? Is it all that you wanted? Take a part, and a side. Headed south, lonely ride. Wrap it round, mount the sun. Tie it tight, you're the one. Take an end, pull me in. Nothing left on my end Except the broken hands Of a broken man With dreams of sun And burning sand. You're the one. Lonely ride.
Rich Man 04:13
I walked the sky this morning Tried not to wake the dead I bled the alimony With wounds not healed, not yet Hey, I'm a rich man I did it all The take, the sides, the armory Oh, the wonderful life To see the sun, the blooming The weeds will creep when you're blind Hey, I'm a rich man I did it all The days we built a home Of stones and tangled vines The grayed veneer and rust worn racks Have long since past their prime I gave you all my heart If not all my time I wonder if you think You always have a part of mine
I can't write a song I can't sing a note I can't leave my home I can't stay here alone I can't write a song It just takes too long Because you have to write words And they have to rhyme I can't sing about love I wouldn't know where to start I can't open my arms With a broken heart I can't sing about Jesus But I've been prayin' for a verse Or maybe a hookey chorus That everyone would sing Then I would be famous And that would be alright And I might even ask you If you'd stay for the night And you might say, "yes." And we would get married And I'd hold you in my arms And you'd hold me back If I could write a song I'd make it the greatest With full string arrangements And choreographed changes On big stages With backup singers And back stages For V.I.P.s Oh, maybe it's easy Maybe I'm wrong Maybe you'd love me Without a song


The debut album from Okkervil River alum, Brian S. Cassidy. All songs were recorded with the use of 2 sub-$100 microphones, a 2-channel audio interface, and an 8-year old computer. All instruments performed by Brian S. Cassidy.

Available from Wren & Shark Records.


released December 15, 2015

All songs written, performed, mixed, and mastered by Brian S. Cassidy in Austin, TX. © 2015 Cassidy Songs (ASCAP)


all rights reserved



Brian S. Cassidy Austin, Texas

Multi-instrumentalist, songwriter, teacher, family man.

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